About Liberty Imaging

The Product:

LIBERATOR®: Liberty Imaging has developed advanced technology digital HDTV cameras suitable for Homeland Security plus a number of applications transitioning from the analog to the digital age.

The Need:

Homeland Security: The events of September 11, 2001 changed our perception of the meaning of security. As a result, high value government owned assets and commercial infrastructure within major metropolitan areas, worldwide, require security imaging systems that will assure, to the greatest degree possible, a safe and non-intrusive environment in which to go about our daily lives and conduct commerce.

"Spring Garden 2008," 1920 x 1080p / 30fps / Lens: Sigma SLR (Nikon mount) 28 - 80 mm, f/4.0

Health Care: Video based diagnostics; non-invasive surgery and preventive medicine are poised to realize potential major improvements currently emerging from academic research which requires higher quality imaging. The LIBERATOR® camera not only provides the requisite HDTV resolution but also digital functionality that will facilitate performance expectations now in demand by medical clinicians.

To achieve these goals and position Liberty to serve the HDTV requirements emerging in industries like Video Conferencing, Machine Vision, Automated Farming, Veterinary Medicine, Defense and Automated Manufacturing Liberty has developed a single chip color digital video prototype camera utilizing innovative Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor; Active Pixel, imaging System on a Chip (CMOS-AP-iSoC), i.e. CMOS. Marrying CMOS sensors and internationally accepted ANSI and SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) DTV/HDTV progressive scan origination (camera) standards the Liberty team has produced three exceptional digital HD video cameras to address these applications.

Design and Engineering:

John V. Weaver, Founder, CEO, and Principal Investigator -- With 40 years experience in the television industry, John is a pioneer in recognizing the commercial value that internet compatible attributes like progressive scan origination can make as video converges with computer technology. John is a member of the Society Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE); and on voluntary leave from National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Advanced Technology Systems Committee (ATSC).

Jukka Hamalainen, Master Camera Designer -- In 2000 Jukka won an Engineering Emmy for his work on HDTV origination systems. He then promptly retired as President of all advanced video product development for Panasonic in the U.S. Known for his passionate advocacy of convergence he joined Liberty to advance that goal by exploiting the vast flexibility of CMOS based camera technology. Jukka earned his MS in electrical engineering from Finland Institute of Technology, holds 10 patents and is a Life Fellow of SMPTE.

Matt Whalen, Founder and CEO -- Applied Color Science, Inc. Master CMOS Specialist -- Matt is rooted in CCD and CMOS sensor development holding senior technical positions with AT&T/Lucent, Rockwell Semiconductor, Rockwell Science Center, and SiliconFilm Technologies. He holds 10 patents in lightwave and digital camera technology. Matt has a B.S. /M.S. in Physics from Rutgers University and is a member of the Society of Imaging Science and Technology (SIST).

Marketing Support:

John V. Weaver, Market Development -- Prior to John’s involvement with HDTV and CMOS camera development his career was dominated by marketing and sales. In management positions he sold, bought or marketed consumer products and developed television programming. Now that he has transitioned into technology John has used his networking skills to developed business contacts in anticipation of becoming an operating company. John is a practiced salesman whose experience and skills will be at the disposal of Liberty to aggressively introduce the LIBERATOR®.

Administrative Support:

Marc B. Freedman, CFO -- Marc is President of his own accounting firm and has 15 years experience in developing financial structures for new and growing businesses. His firm compiled Liberty's business plan financial forecast and manages corporate taxes. Mark is a CPA and member of AICPA and NYSSCPA. Marc has a BA from Bowdoin College and his MBA in Accounting from Pace University.

Professional Support:

Adam Drapkin, Esq. -- General Council

Ed Komen, Esq. -- Trademark, Copyright and US Patent Attorneys Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP

Marc B. Freedman, Certified Public Accountant, P.C. -- Accounting and Tax Services

"License Plate," 1280 x 720p / 60fps / Lens: C-mount, 50mm, f/16/Daylight. Car ~ 50m away.



Liberty’s founder John Weaver realized in the late 1980’s that HDTV would be an upset technology in television's future. However his early experience with the Japanese (1125/60) analog format convinced him that certain technical attributes needed to be changed if American-originated programming expected to dominate the global market by distributing the highest quality images. In 1989 John joined COHRS (Committee on High-Resolution Systems) an ad-hoc alliance of like-minded, forward-looking technologists from DARPA, MIT, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Kodak, Zenith, and Disney-ABC interested in influencing the emerging video standards for digital television and HDTV.

Subsequently, John developed a working relationship with DARPA who encouraged him to team up with defense contractor, Kollmorgen, Inc. Electro-Optical Division. DARPA signed a $3.1mm contract with the partnership to develop two advanced technology experimental camera designs that adhered to emerging HDTV production standards. Under this program John contributed format specifications to the first HDTV (720p) CMOS prototype sensor designed and fabricated at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A CMOS 3-chip experimental camera was built in the 1997-00 time frame.

As part of the contract, John was assigned a proactive roll of participating in SMPTE HDTV standards development, and advocating the technical attributes that would be more favorable to American interests. COHRS members along with many experienced and distinguished engineers who agreed with its principles succeeded in modifying the original Japanese HDTV proposal to include:

  • Progressive Scan
  • Digital Processing, and
  • Square-Pixels

"$20 Bill," 1280 x 720p / 60fps, Lens: Cannon 50mm, f/1.8 with 100w Incandescent Bulb

The adoption of these attributes culminated in the ratification of the HDTV 720p-production standard known as SMPTE-296M. This is the only progressive scan, computer compatible format, suitable for live transmission of HDTV video over today’s broadband networks worldwide. The 720p format has been adopted by the International Television Union (ITU) as the official HDTV progressive scan production format suitable for international program exchange. Most recently ANSI the international standards body has approved 720p. Disney/ABC, ESPN, News Corp/Fox capture/originate, and broadcast HD programs in 720p. The DoD and NASA have also adopted 720p for HDTV applications.

John's entrepreneurial objectives is to establish an American camera company germinated during this period and he formed Liberty Imaging, LLC in 2005 once practical and affordable HDTV CMOS sensors began to emerge from development.

Our Business Strategy - “Capturing the Future”

To be competitive in the globalized economy requires an ability to take the most advantageous position in a constantly changing market environment. Cost is no longer the only determinant. Increasingly competitiveness is based on technical flexibility, customer service and perceived value. In a word “Customization”

Liberty Imaging’s business strategy focuses on building a customer-driven company with a commitment to fostering a flexible culture to remain globally competitive. The LIBERATOR® camera design is the driving force that will enable Liberty to deliver products that meet format specifications regardless of application.

As IP bandwidth expands and video quality over the internet improves Liberty will develop e-commerce marketing and product demonstration capability through its website. The objective is to promote sales of its line of LIBERATOR® cameras plus related security products directly to security systems integrators utilizing standardized Shopping Cart/Merchant Bank methodology. To that end, our business consists of three concise mandates:

To that end, our business strategy consists of three concise mandates:

  • Target established market segments where higher-quality video imaging products will benefit the customer,
  • Identify emerging applications where Liberty’s superior technology and rapid response to customers’ needs can gain early market share, then expand the market to assure long-term profitability; and
  • Provide a management commitment to deliver perceived value through unwavering quality and customer support.

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